At Dispatch, we recognize the presence and inequitable impacts of racism, oppression, harassment, and other forms of hate in our physical and virtual communities. Racism and discrimination against Indigenous Peoples, Black people, and many other equity-seeking groups exists to support, reinforce and build upon supremacy of one group over many. In our society, this is the elevation of white people (or settler groups) above everyone else in many areas of Canadian life. The inertia continues to be upheld by access, privilege, indifference, and overt acts of hate.
We are committed to providing a space that is safe and welcoming to all, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, disability or physical appearance. Customers, employees and anyone else present can expect to be respected and protected in our restaurant and on our property. Harassment, discriminatory speech, hate speech, bullying and/or abuse will all be met with zero tolerance.

We have a responsibility to confront these inequities through meaningful and lasting action, and we resolve to:
  • Actively promote anti-racism and communicate expectations and outcomes to generate positive change in the culture of our business, partnerships, community interactions;
  • Proactively engage in dialogue that normalizes discussions of racism and systemic barriers;
  • Identify and address systemic discrimination and barriers within all policies, programs and initiatives;
  • Prioritize engagement with suppliers and community partners operated by equity-seeking individuals and living wage employers;
  • Ensure representation of Black, Indigenous and equity-seeking groups in decision- and policy-making bodies to include diverse perspectives (including working groups, advisory councils, and other committees);
  • Create safe workspaces for all equity-seeking groups, including those with intersecting identities, where they can be their authentic selves and safely raise issues without fear of reprisal;
  • Partner with external equity-seeking groups and organizations to learn and enrich our approaches;
  • Hold individuals accountable for harmful behaviours;
  • Sustain our efforts to eliminate systemic inequities to ensure long-lasting change.
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At this time, orders are limited to local delivery in the Niagara region, and for pickup at Dispatch on select days. There is a minimum order value of $40, and no delivery fee.

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